Rainbow Bird


Czenya Cavouras

Stark and beautiful, Rainbow Bird is a book of rare insight. More than a children’s book, or an art book, this is a work of pain, hope, and simple, profound truth. An unseen, unnamed narrator takes us on a journey through fear, uncertainty and despair to hope. Every page challenges us to think and, above all, to feel.

Created by a fourteen year old, Rainbow Bird has something to say to everyone, young and old.

‘A painful Australian story is here distilled and transformed through remarkable prose and image.’ – Eva Sallis

‘A beautiful and moving book.’ – Arnold Zable

Czenya Cavouras' inspiration to write and illustrate Rainbow Bird came from conversations with her grandfather about his trips to the Baxter Detention Centre in Port Augusta. She believes it will strike a chord with readers of all ages and challenge them to imagine how they might respond in a similar situation.

Virginia Lowe assessed and advised on Czenya’s first draft.

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