Round Fish Square Bowl

2009-09-14RoundFishSquareBowlTom Skinner

Virginia is the perfect blend of support and criticism. When I hired her as my tutor in August 2002, I did not even know that a picture book had 32 pages! Fortunately Virginia, who owns more than 1000 of them, did! I’ve heard that it is practically impossible for an unknown, unpublished author to get a picture book published in Australia. Well, with Virginia’s guiding and steadying hand, the impossible became possible with the release of my first picture book, Round Fish Square Bowl in 2006. Not only was Virginia instrumental in finding me an agent which led to the above breakthrough, she was able to advise me on the many industry "what not to do"s. So, after 3.5 years and 54 rejections I congratulate Virginia and her eagle-editing husband John for their enthusiasm, massive knowledge and down-to-earth advice. This square peg eventually found his hole!

Tom Skinner

Success so far:
First print run sold out in first year (hardback)
Reprinted in paperback and second reprint  in 2010
International hardback order (South Africa)
Round Fish Square Bowl was a selected title for:
The Advertiser’s Little Big Book Club (SA)
SA Premier's Reading Challenge
NSW Premier's Reading Challenge
Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge
Vegemite Little Aussie Reader program

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