Special Me - for IVF families

Special Me for IVF Families

My first attempt at Special Me was a collation of photographs of my baby girl with words; that didn't even include IVF.  It got some worthwhile scrapping by “Create A Kids Book” editor - which is exactly what it, and I needed, and I got busy with life again.    Some years later I would run into an old friend who had rekindled 
love of art, and after making her wait a couple of years, I came clean about my desire to write a children's book about my IVF experience, and as with all good friends, no matter how crazy the idea is, she jumped right on board - and that is how "Special Me - for IVF Families" came about.  

I’m grateful for the wealth of knowledge gained through my dealings with Create A Kids Book.  On both occasions I have found the feedback to be in depth, and the contact open, honest and always helpful.  It is quite difficult to convey the vision of a story, without pictures, to an editor - and I take my hat off to Dr Virginia and John for their efforts in providing clarity, information and an emphasis on thought and words; keeping the creative flow of a project open – whilst still maintaining that feeling of constant improvement. 

In the end the project is our own as Authors, but I wouldn’t have felt confident, releasing something that hadn’t had such keen eyes upon it first, and I sincerely hope Create A Kids Book enjoy the end result of  “Special Me – for IVF Families”, a children’s book that resonates with IVF mums, and in the two weeks since its release, is also somehow empowering women, who have encountered fertility issues.  To create something that generates an emotional response, as an author – feels amazing!  And hats off to Create A Kids Book for being part of that process.

Kindest Regards

Tara Mitchel

Author of Special Me – for IVF Families