My Dad is a FIFO Dad

2015 03 05 fifo dad 245 245 90Sincerest thanks to Dr Virginia Lowe and Peter Carnavas for your insight into the careful construction of a children’s picture book.

Your wisdom, enjoyable teaching manner at the Brisbane workshop, constructive feedback and encouragement,
motivated me to take a leap of faith into publishing my first picture book.

My book reaches out to FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) children and families and gives subtle learnings that children can gain comfort from, while living this lifestyle. So far it has hit a chord with thousands of FIFO families and others who believe in the unity of family.

Writer:      Jo Emery 
Illustrator: Ann-Marie Finn

One key learning I took away with me was, that letting the illustrations carry the story can be as powerful a tool as using carefully chosen, meaningful words.

I had much refining to do once leaving the workshop, but I knew I had your support and encouragement to do so and because of that … here I am, one year on,  a published author! Thank you!!’

Kindest regards and very best wishes,