Climb by Caroline Tuohey Illustrated by Emma Stuart

2013 06 07 Climb  GB

I love to climb things when I play and yesterday I climbed all day.  See what I climbed...

This rhyming picture book celebrates simple climbing adventures and the joy of childhood imagination. 
The little climber enjoys a day of various climbing activities with the watchful eye of his Mum quietly in the
background to rescue and repair if need be.

It is a lovely book to read to three to six year olds when they snuggle into bed for their night time story.

Virginia’s (and Roger’s) assessment of Climb in one of its earliest drafts, helped me immensely. 
They provided advice about rhyme and metre and they clearly explained what needed work and what didn’t. 
Their feedback was constructive and encouraging and as a result, the manuscript and I continued on.

If you would like to purchase Climb it is available from the writer’s website and the publisher’s website and some bookstores
from 1 July 2013.