Concetta the pig's secret to happiness is Karolina's first published title

2012 11 7 new concettaDr Virginia Lowe and her Create a Kids Book team have been instrumental in my development as an Author /Illustrator. 

Virginia's fundamental and practical approach to the corridors of literary wonderment,
enabled me to find a space where the integrity of my work was not compromised by ego.

Whilst providing the reasons for alternative suggestions, she allowed me to be objective. 
The dialogue between mentor and mentee, was only ever one of respect for someone so versed in their field.

I feel extremely grateful to have had the privilege of working with such an honest woman. 

Sincerely Karolina



Concetta represents the awakening to the realisation that life on earth is a privilege. Through her simple, but powerful, gestures of friendship, love, and generosity she shows us some of the ingredients that contribute to the happiness mix that helps unite our world. Life is richer when we make genuine connections with people, our environment and above all, ourselves.To be empowered is the most humbling experience and in that humility, others experience one’s gratitude.
Only when we are open to receiving and giving, can we know the true nature of being a channel for grace.

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