Shredding Snow

2012 08 27 Shredding-SnowShredding Snow is a tale about a tail, an action mouse tail that is.
Maiso the Action Mouse and his radical buddies are back to provide another awesome adventure, as seen in previous titles Skate Session and Surf Safari.

All three stories are successful products of Create a Kids’ Book Picture Book e-course mentorship program. 

Virginia and her team at Create a Kids’ Book offered tremendous insight and helped draw out the words for a fun-flowing metre-driven rhyming series.
Mix that with my dyslexic yet radical creative mind and you have three very unique stories that deliver to awesome families everywhere.
When the humans go away, the creatures will play and there is no exception in Shredding Snow.
The  humanised young creatures build a relationship with the young readers, as they are kids on adventure themselves.
They are up against the obstacles of life in a grown ups’ world, yet gaining strength through the ability to play all day. 

Young kids (2-9yrs) associate with the characters and enjoy the self-determination, the creativity and the joy that Maiso, Strider and Carlie express.
Where could three fun young creatures go ‘shredding snow’, when they live hidden away in a Byron Bay beach house?   

Find out here -

I came about working with Create'a'Kids Book after an informative reply to my initial enquiry. The team showed great knowledge & wisdom within my area of publishing. Their experience & passion toward children's literature is second to none.

Skate Session

They have been an inspiration & great support in producing the Active Kids Books series,
and I thank them ever so much. 

I continue to work with Create a Kids Book now and see this will continue into the future. 

SurfCreatively yours, CHAD