The Glasshouse


Jo Thompson our Artist Tutor has Illustrated Paul Collins text,  

The Glasshouse,

Clara lives alone, happily growing beautiful, flawless pumpkins, in her perfect, temperature controlled glasshouse.
Clara's life is perfect - until the day she spies a strange boy from the outside, peering through her doorway.


Confused by what she discovers about the world outside her glasshouse, the boy and his imperfect, blemished pumpkins, Clara begins to worry. All she can think about is bugs on her perfect pumpkins and cracks in her perfect glasshouse windows. Like her pumpkin vines, Clara's concerns grow out of control.
As she deals with the consequences of her choices, Clara learns the value of friendship, to accept and adapt to situations beyond her control and to live life.

 Suitable for all ages, The Glasshouse is an extraordinary picture book that can be read and appreciated on many levels.

  • Young children will love the beautiful illustrations and looking for bugs in the glasshouse.
  • Lower Primary children will understand Clara's worries and fear of bugs and delight in the fact they can read with minimal help.
  • Middle Primary children will recognise Clara's insecurities about herself. Comparing Clara with the boy's spotty pumpkin, highlights how people's perception of perfection differ.
  • Older readers will identify with Clara's isolation, confusion and the deep feelings she has when her pumpkins are less than perfect -
    despite her best efforts to keep them under control.
  • Many adults will appreciate the challenges facing Clara as she tries to protect her pumpkins from the outside world and the consequences
    when there is no time for nurture.
  • Everyone will recognise the dilemma facing Clara as she struggles with her choices. It takes a lot of courage to trust another, step outside
    her comfort zone and change her life.

Based on the parable, 'people who live in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones', this story reminds us to be sympathetic and not judgemental.
We are all doing the best we can in a modern world filled with choices and challenges.

The Glasshouse is a stunning book, that encourages the reader to experience the story at their own level and draw their own conclusions ...
did she throw the stone and smash the glasshouse or does the stone remind her of the boy and prompt her to welcome new, positive, life experiences?

You decide!

To order a copy of the book, and see the video, head over to Ford Street Publishing.