Baby Face Series


 Baby Face Board Book Series by Teresa Culkin Lawerence

I was approached by a wonderful editor called Jaclyn Crupi who was then at Brimax publishing to illustrate this series. While discussing the project, she asked me if I would be interesting in writing them too. As I have studied children's literature and creative writing, I was thrilled to be asked. Jaclyn had worked out a format and I was free to work however I liked, within those bounds. I sent some early drafts to Virginia for some expert advice. I was surprised to hear form her that, despite the simplicity of the texts - only 5 spreads of very simple writing -  I was still writing a 'story'. It gave me a new insight into the work and I'm sure it helped with the lovely results. Completing these books was one of my happiest experiences in all my years in publishing; I have illustrated over 100 books and have stopped counting!

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