written by Neridah McMullin is based on an imaginary friend created by Neridah's father to ease night time fears. Just knowing that Ponkidoodle was there gave the children great reassurance and security.

Testimonial Little Steps Publishing “Many of the world’s best children’s books are born from the bed time story ritual. These stories ooze the warmth and feeling of parents sharing life’s most memorable moments with their children. Ponkidoodle comes from such stock. He is a funny, clumsy and loveable little monster, who manifested from a father’s desire to ease the night-time fears of the small Bade children. Neridah McMullin has delightfully re-created Ponki, from her childhood memories, into a beautiful picture book that will comfort and enthrall young children. Aaron Pocock’s masterful illustrations perfectly capture Ponkidoodle as the loveable, but rascally rogue culprit of the night-time noises, and the result is a book that will be read and re-read every bedtime.”

Peter Whitfield, Managing Director, Little Steps at New Frontier, Sydney, N.S.W.

It's being published by Little Steps at New Frontier and is due to be launched in November 2009.