The Incredibly Boring Monotonous Family

Philip Barry2009-09-12ibmf

Philip Barry's hilarious novel is published by Pan Macmillan.

When I was at university, I spent much time on something that might never become a real book. But I felt a refreshing lack of guilt that I had neglected assignments that I would some day forget all about. There, saved on the computer, amidst a hundred uni assignments was something that I was really proud of. Not knowing exactly what to do with it I hit the internet and immediately found ‘Create a Kid’s Book.’ The name of the web site says it all - don’t ever change it! It was exactly what I needed to see. And so, with the assistance of Jennifer Dabbs and Virginia Lowe I began the first of three drafts which would ultimately result in the book becoming a reality.

Being a teacher myself, what I found particularly encouraging was the constructive criticism I read on every page, along with the acknowledgement of things I had written well. The more they threw at me, the more I was able to refine and polish my story to its best possible standard. And with the letter of recommendation at the end of it all, I knew I had a manuscript which had an advantage over others when it was pulled out of the slush pile.

I can honestly say that I would not even be able to write these words had I not taken grasp of the terrific opportunity to have such wonderfully dynamic and passionate people read and assess my manuscript. Even though three years passed between the first draft and the release of the book, what is three years of waiting compared to a lifetime of not knowing?  My sincere thanks (even though it’s more than that!) go to Virginia and Jennifer – they are incredibly supportive.

Philip Barry
13 May 2008