The Worry Tree


Marianne Musgrove

It was only three or so years ago that I enlisted the help of Virginia with my first manuscript, The Worry Tree. After taking her feedback on board, it was eventually published by Random House Australia and short-listed for four awards, winning the 2008 Australian Family Therapists  Award for Children s Literature.

My second novel, Lucy the Good , has been short-listed for the 2009 Speech Pathology Australia Children s Book of the Year, and my new novel,  Don't Breathe a Word is out now and soon to be translated into German.

It s a tough industry to break into and I can only say thanks to Virginia for helping me to pick the lock.

-- Marianne Musgrove, author of The Worry Tree


Already in its fourth printing in Australia, The Worry Tree has just been released in the UK, Korea and Indonesia, making these the sixth, seventh and eighth countries to buy the rights to Marianne Musgrove's award winning book about a ten year old worrywart and how she learns to deal with her worries. The German edition is in its 3rd printing and the book will soon be available in Taiwan and Italy. Her second novel, Lucy the Good, will also be translated for the Taiwanese market and is out in the US later this year. Her third title, Don't Breathe Word, is a 2010 CBCA notable and has just been released in Germany with Israel and Korea soon to follow. Meanwhile, the second Lucy book, Lucy the Lie Detector (Random House Australia), is due for release in Australia in July.