Indigo Dreaming

2009-09-08indigo_dreamingAmy Hamilton

After stumbling in the dark for several years I was fortunate enough to come across Virginia’s website. I eagerly applied to take part in the Create a Kids’ book e-course to hone my writing skills. What a revelation! I learnt more about writing for children in the first module than I had in the last 10 years. It was brilliant. I refer to the course notes continuously.

Virginia’s comprehensive and supportive feedback gave me the confidence to submit a book I had been working on for two years for an assessment. Considered “new age” I was a little apprehensive about what Virginia would think and how my book would be critiqued. Virginia was a true professional, providing me with invaluable advice and support through each draft. Her suggestions regarding layout, grammar and word use helped me to develop my work to a publishable standard.

I am happy to say that the result was Joshua Books accepting my book for publication, a lifelong dream come true. I have no doubt that Virginia’s thorough assessments and letter of recommendation were instrumental in achieving this.

Amy Hamilton