Catty Bimbar and the New Age Pirates

2009-09-07cattybcoverThomas Perry

Almost ten years ago I had a rough idea for a children's book, and went along to the first writing workshop conducted by Dr Virginia Lowe and artist Jacqui Young. I attended many subsequent workshops, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made. Virginia and Jacqui helped me take what was a fairly pedestrian story about a pirate cat and turn it into something more original. They encouraged me to push the boundaries and take the story to another level. All of a sudden the pirates became environmentalist vegetarian new-age hippies, and I knew inspiration had struck!

Virginia Lowe has boundless passion and enthusiasm for childrens' literature, combined with a wealth of knowledge and a razor-sharp critical faculty. Due to Virginia's crucial early guidance and assistance I have finally exprienced the thrill of seeing my little story published by MacMillan. Thank you Virginia for your great insight and wisdom, and for nuturing so much quality Australian children's writing.


20 June 2006