Jennifer Cook

Persephone and AriadneJennifer Cook

I first met Virginia through her CReATe a kids’ book workshop and it was from there that my children's picture book The Screaming Irrits was penned. While I was waiting for the rejections to roll in I got on and wrote Ariadne, which was picked up by Lothian who also took my picture book, which will be published next June. I can honestly say that without the careful assessments done by Virgina Lowe and in my case, her classicist husband, John, neither Ariadne or Persephone persephone.jpg - 15093 Bytes would have been published. Virginia's knowledge of children's literature, her eye for detail and the depth of her critiques helped me to bring out the best in my writing.

Her praise is not given lightly and it is for that reason that publishers within the world of children's books rate her opinion so highly. I am proud to have my books included in her website.

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