The Tales and Adventures of Bumblegoose

BumblegooseThe Tales and Adventures of Bumblegoose

Some years ago, Virginia Lowe along with Jennifer Dabbs undertook the formidable task of twice reviewing ‘The Tales and Adventures of Bumblegoose.’ At that point, the story was really just a sprawling collection of short stories, many of them witty and unusual. 

The editorial process was very helpful on two levels. On the micro - level, many aspects including sentence structure and appropriate written expression were addressed. On the macro - level, Virginia in particular pointed to the need for the fantasy world in which Bumblegoose lived to be better defined and internally consistent. This led me to develop more of the story going backwards and forwards in time, so as to give the immediate story an accurate context. It also led to a better definition of the Pond itself, including its topography, vegetation and creatures and a deeper exploration of the characters in the story. These developments gave the fantasy world more substance and plausibility. Virginia and Jennifer also at least implied that the story needed a great cohesiveness, interconnection and flow. I agreed.

The tone of the feedback in both reviews was always encouraging, recognising the potential of the work but also its need for further refinement. ‘The Tales and Adventures of Bumblegoose – Book 1’ would not be the novel it is without both valuable reviews which I very much took to heart in my subsequent work on the manuscript. I was fortunate to have great reviewers, a wonderful illustrator and just the right publisher in Inhouse Publishing. I couldn’t be more pleased with the final outcome.

Grant Lambert, Novermber 2018