The Banishing Stones

2013 04 16 Banishing Stones

As a first time author I really appreciated the feedback that Create A Kids' Book gave me on The Banishing Stones.
Beck advised me regarding the structure of my story, identified chapters that needed more work, and raised issues I hadn't even considered before.
This feedback helped me to greatly improve the book. I absolutely recommend new authors invest in a manuscript assessment from Create A Kids' Book.
A little bit about the book -
The Banishing Stones are four magical gemstones which can be called upon to banish unwanted intruders from the land of Wystovia.
With the stones to protect them, the peoples of Wystovia assumed they would be safe forever. No one anticipated the bitter civil war which led to the
precious Banishing Stones going missing. Now, with no Banishing Stones to call upon, the Wystovians have no hope of expelling the cruel witches and
evil wizard in their midst. 
When two human children from our world find themselves suddenly flung by magic into the land of Wystovia they are horrified  to discover
what the peoples of Wystovia have to endure. Giants have been turned to stone. The elves must fight to protect their forest home from attack. 
Dwarves are being held as slaves in the mountains. Even innocent merchildren aren't safe in the sea.
The two human children embark upon a quest to find the Banishing Stones, but even if they find one, will the wizard be watching, and claim the stone for himself?
The book is available as an ebook or as a paperback from Zeus Publications
kind regards,
Elizabeth Ward.