The Ordinary Animals

2012 06 26 Ordinary AnimalsI had been editing the manuscript for The Ordinary Animals for some time.
Peter Whitfield from New Frontier and Little Steps was assisting me with development of the story.

We got to a point where we thought an expert was needed to pick up on the problems we knew were there but could not see.
That's when we turned to Virginia and Create a Kid's book for help.
My nervousness at opening Virginia's first appraisal was soon calmed when I realised that it wasn't her goal to scare me off.
Virginia was encouraging, critical and full of wonderful praise when she came across something that worked.
From Virginia I learnt about discipline, logic and how to understand the mind of the reader.
I also learnt how to apply those things to the creative process while editing The Ordinary Animals, so I  could make it a better book.
I think that if you had read the manuscript before I sent it to Virginia you might have felt that it was a good story told by a story teller.
If you read the book now, after I have applied what I have learnt from Virginia, you might say that it's a novel written by a writer.
I have Virgina to thank for teaching me how to turn a story into a novel.

Of course, the learning process isn't over and I'm sure I will return to Create A Kid's Book for assistance with part two of The Ordinary Animals trilogy.