Side By Side

2010_09_06_SidebySide‘Side by Side - In the Beginning’

Its 1916...

It’s World War I...

Melbourne is in the darkest depths of a Depression.

Charlie is about to see his first ever footy match with his Dad. Australia’s most famous football Club, Collingwood, is playing.

Charlie may be cold, hungry and penniless but he learns a true lesson about what it means to be a Collingwood supporter.

He finds out how the club formed, why everyone hates Collingwood and why their famous players are so revered.

Mesmerised, he soon realises what it feels like to ‘belong’ and from there on Collingwood is in his heart forever.





Ages5 – 10

230 x 230 mm

32 pp PB R.R.P $AU 19.95

ISBN 9780980794809

Distributed by Dennis Jones & Associates ph.9762 9100