The Biggest Whopper

The Biggest Whopper was initially published as an individual booklet in 2001. Shortly afterwards the publisher, Values For Life, decided the market for blackline masters was larger. As a result The Biggest Whopper, along with Prince Alex's NoseNan's Place were published in 2002 as part of a set and marketed to schools. The sets have since been sold overseas, to countries as far away as Pakistan and India. As a result I still receive a small amount of royalties every quarter.

Since then I have drifted into the area of technical writing with regularly reviewing exams and text books in my subject area of Science and Biology. I have also contributed a chapter in the first new science book to be published in Victoria for 10 years. The Big Ideas (Oxford Uni Press) will be released this week (August 2009).

Without the confidence of your mentorship, I would never have attempted any of these! Many thanks Virginia,