The Wings of Leo Spencer


Coming across Create A Kids' Book and Virginia Lowe was the best thing that could have happened to me when I was writing The Wings of Leo Spencer. Virginia and her novel assessor Jennifer Dabbs provided me with some invaluable advice on how to improve my story. They focussed on elements such as story structure and flow, plot, characterisation, choice of words, images, as well as careful editing. With her wonderfully logical mind, Virginia was able to pinpoint the flaws in the story's logic, enabling me to take it to the next level. Jennifer and Virginia assessed my manuscript twice. Without their help, I have no doubt that The Wings of Leo Spencer would still be lying, forgotten, in my bottom drawer.

I have also used Virginia's services for my second novel, Body Swap. Once again she showed me how to improve the story in order to reach publication. The result was so compelling that the manuscript won a Pathways to Publication Fellowship from Varuna, the Writers' House.  

published by Sid Harta Publishers

From Virginia's Recommendatory Letter:

Parisse has a lively style and an excellent plot idea in a created yet familiar world.